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SGM has been providing Security Officer training systems for over 20 years.  Our training video library program consists of over thirty topics of training videos and exams available to your employees.

We recognize the importance of providing you with the best security guard training program available to help your company and Security Officers succeed. It’s no mystery that a well trained employee helps your company be more competitive for new business; helps reduce employee turnover and also helps boost customer satisfaction.  Our training programs typically exceed 95% of most state requirements. 

We look forward to partnering with you to help better train and educate your Security Officers.


It’s Easy to Get Started! 


Your Instructors, Security Officers and Supervisors can log on and complete their training and continuing education anywhere from a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device.  We provide you with a link to share that gives them 30 days access (renewable).

Along with each video is a test to ensure employees have understood the training. Each 10 question test requires an 80% score to pass. A passing score results in a certificate for that course.  For the classroom, use the pdf exams for handouts as class exams or class discussion sessions.

Simply connect your laptop or computer to the class monitor/tv, then log on to our system. You can now display any of the security guard training videos and/or online exams to your students.

All of your employees (up to 200 per month on each plan) may access the training video library and exam program. We provide you with a link to share with them, which will give them 30 days free access (renewable) under your account to the VOD system.  Additional blocks of 200 users are $119 per month.  There is no limit to how many videos they may watch or how often they watch them.  No hidden extra fees. It’s a great continuing education refresher for all of your seasoned employees also!

Just Click on the button, fill out your information and get started!


What is VOD?

VOD (Video on Demand), is our online streaming system that allows access to ALL of the SGM training videos and exams, 24/7.

What is included in the VOD program?

The program comes with access to:

  • All SGM Training Videos
  • Online Exams
  • PDF Exams for handing out in classroom
Who can use the VOD program?

Your company instructors and ALL Security Officers in your company.  The monthly fee includes unlimited access for your employees!

Am I limited to how many times I can use the VOD system?

No, it is unlimited! Your login access allows you, your instructors and your employees full access 24/7. 

I am an instructor. How can I use this in the classroom?

It’s easy! Just connect your laptop/device to the classroom TV/monitor.  Then log on to our system to show the security training videos and exams to your class.

How do the exams work?

There are two options included for exams.

  1. Online quizzes that employees can do independently.
  2. PDF quizzes are also provided if you prefer to print them to hand out to the students in class.  Some companies use the pdf exams as a handout to encourage further class discussion also. .
How does the VOD system work?

Once your account is activated, you will receive a customized link by email that you will be able to share with your employees for them to sign up for a free thirty day VOD membership (easily renewable/extended).  The system is set up so you and your employees can easily access the security guard training videos and online quizzes anytime.

Is the VOD system just for instructors and classrooms?

No, it’s not just for instructors in the classroom.  In fact, we have more employees that access our system than instructors.  Employees simply log in to the system for the security guard training videos and exam access.  When they take an online exam, they must pass with an 80% or better.  If they pass the exam, a certificate of completion is emailed to them. They can provide you a copy of that certificate to confirm that they passed the exam.  It’s a great way to continually train employees!

If you prefer a more detailed training for your employees, we also offer the SGM Academy.  The Academy not only has videos, but also reading pages, practice questions, and a twenty question final exam.  A true complete security online course geared towards your employees! Here is a link to learn more about the SGM Academy:  Click here to go to the Academy site

Is the program just for training new employees?

No. The VOD is great for continuing education too!

How long is the contract?

There is long term contract! The VOD is a monthly subscription.  It automatically renews, until you notify us to cancel your membership.

What video subjects are included in the VOD program?
Access Control
Active Shooter Response
Conduct – New! (Exclusive to the VOD and Academy online programs)
Court Procedures
Crisis Response
Crowd Control
First Aid
Fire Watch
Firearm Safety
Front Desk Security
Gated Communities
Hospitals & Nursing Homes
House of Worship
Interviewing Victims & Witnesses
Introduction to Security
Introduction to Weapons
Law of Arrest
Mobile Patrol
Protecting a Crime Scene
Pepper Spray
Public Relations
Report Writing
Resolving Conflicts
Retail Stores & Shopping Centers
School Security
Security Officer Safety
Sexual Harassment
Supervisor – Basic Supervision
Supervisor – Post Orientations
Supervisor Techniques
Terrorist Patrol
Traffic Control
Uniform and Equipment
Spanish – Introduction to Security
Spanish – Law of Arrest
Spanish – Patrolling
Spanish – Report Writing
Spanish – Terrorist Patrol

Introduction to Security

An important introductory for all new and potential employees! This training module was produced to instill motivation and dedication for applicants and security officers. It highlights and explains the rationale of most issues that confront guard services every day. Its main objective is to decrease turnover and create a mind set that will produce a better employee.

Report Writing

Report writing is an essential responsibility for all security officers. It is also the most difficult. To ease this difficulty, SGM offers this easy-to-understand video program. This training session not only explains the purpose of report writing but it also has visual that the narrator highlights as he teaches your officer.

Active Shooter Defense

Security Officers may need to make life and death decisions, making this training subject one of the highest recommended to help understand an Active Shooter situation better. It  also covers a number of other important factors, techniques and outline plans on what to do if this unfortunate situation ever happens on your site.

Access Control

This Access Control training video gives security officers a clear understanding of the various access controls systems being used today. It will help reduce hands-on training because the officers will already be familiar with the procedures, terminology and concepts.

Front Desk Security

The need for front desk security has evolved dramatically over the years. Its now common practice to find a security officer greeting you at a front desk. This video helps better educate your security officers on the front desk responsibilities, duties and good customer service skills.

Law of Arrest

This training session gives a basic overview of the law of arrest. It does not get into specific state laws but demonstrates to the security officer the laws of arrest common to all states. It is designed to teach the limitations of their authority and to help reduce liability exposure, not only for the officer but for their company and their company’s clients as well.

Introduction to Weapons

This video covers a general overview of weapons, both legal and illegal.  Some of the topics include: Lethal and non lethal weapons, collapsible batons, tasers, stun guns, firearms, explosives, chemical attacks, bombs, active shooters and more. 

Court Procedures

This training video explains how the court system works in an easy to understand verbal and visual format. It shows how a security officer should conduct themselves in court. It demonstrates the correct way to testify and make a professional and positive impression to the judge and jury.

Fire Watch

This video gives the security officer a basic knowledge in the use of portable fire extinguishers, fire stands, sprinkler system, fire doors, fire control panels and other fire retardant equipment security officers may be responsible for. 

Crisis Response

This video gives security officers a better understanding regarding what to do in the event a major crisis occurs on their watch.  It covers almost all major crisis situations.  Its primary purpose is to show security officers what actions to take for their own personal safety as well as what procedures to take to assist others in getting out of harm’s way.

Crowd Control

 This informative video covers a wide variety of topics that a Security Officer should become familiar with when assigned to work a crowd or special event, or if confronted with a riot situation.

Firearms Safety

This firearm safety training session stresses the importance firearm safety.  Video topics include caring for hand held weapons, firing on a range, what a security officer’s responsibility is to the public and themselves, as well as teaching commonly accepted principles of handgun safety. 

First Aid & CPR

deo is a two part overview presentation with scenes and graphics that make it easy to understand first aid and CPR procedures. Part one covers general first aid techniques. Part two demonstrates the steps in performing CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Working at a hospital or nursing home is much different than a standard patrol type post. In this video, we review and discuss the duties and areas of the buildings that a security officer will need to become familiar with.

Gated Communities

 This informative video covers a wide variety of training topics that a Security Officer should become familiar with when assigned to work a gated community.

House of Worship Security

This informative video covers a wide variety of topics that a Security Officer should become familiar with when assigned to a House of Worship.

Interviewing Victims and Witnesses

This training video defines the various levels of interviews such as interviewing a witness, a victim and suspects. It impresses the importance of interviewing witnesses, and suspects in a professional manner. It demonstrates proper interviewing techniques for each.

Mobile Patrol

This 2 DVD video program set stresses the importance of high visibility and flexibility while mobile patrolling. Designed to teach security officers the various techniques and requirements when assigned to a patrol car.


Patrolling is the heart of a security officer’s duties. There are so many variations and duties involved that we made this a two-session module in order to cover as many topics as possible. These videos cover most of the major concerns that a security officer typically faces everyday. 

Pepper Spray

The Pepper Spray Techniques video is a must for security officers armed with pepper spray. The training video teaches the various techniques in dispersing pepper spray as well as legal and moral aspects involved. It demonstrates user awareness and responsibilities needed when carrying and dispensing pepper spray.

Protecting a Crime Scene

This video impresses upon the officer the importance in preserving a crime scene. It includes several examples that a security officer could be confronted with in various surroundings.

Public Relations

This training video emphasizes the importance regarding why a security officer should always remain polite, respectful and sensitive to the person being served. This will, in turn, build a positive relationship with your clients. It even impresses the importance of maintaining positive facial expressions and tone of voice.

Resolving Conflicts

This training video gives the security officer an advantage when faced with argumentative individuals. It highlights the importance that security officers must maintain their decorum at all times regardless of the hostility they may be presented with.

Retail Stores and Shopping Center

Working in retail stores and shopping centers requires additional training compared to standard post patrol sites.  Security Officers wear many different hats from security, to customer service.  This video gives the security officer a clear understanding of the various duties that they will face on a day to day basis.

School Security

In this training video, we will discuss the types of schools, procedures, and incidents that a security officer may come into contact with while working at a school.  The video also discusses entry procedures, patrolling, and other important features that you should become familiar with and be aware of.

Security Officer Safety

The purpose of this training video is to make the security officer aware and recognize situations that are a potential criminal or safety hazard. It helps management determine if someone could be potentially dangerous.

Self Defense

This video covers a wide range of topics, including basic self defense and restraining techniques, various methods of prisoner control, officer safety, how to use a minimum amount of force when restraining a prisoner which in turn will cause little or no injury to the prisoner. It also reviews the use of non-lethal weapons such as the expandable baton, standard baton and handcuffs.

Sexual Harassment

This training video defines the various levels of sexual harassment, from obvious sexual advances to sexual comments. It impresses the depressing and sometimes frightful effect sexual harassment has on some victims. It alerts the security officer that sexual harassment can result in disciplinary action and in some cases criminal charges.

Basic Supervisioin

This training DVD video demonstrates the basics and importance of supervision. This session covers all the requirements needed to provide your customers and your employees with quality service.

Post Orientations

Without a post orientation, a security officer would be like a fish out of water. How will they know what to do? Where do the property lines start and end? The list goes on and on. This video encourages supervisors to execute effective post orientations. 

Supervisor Techniques

The Supervisor Technique training video was created to give new and seasoned supervisors a better understanding of their duties and responsibilities. It teaches them how to coach and give direction. How to reduce liability by enforcing company rules, regulations and policies.

Terrorist Patrol

This video illustrates and instructs security officers on the basic responsibilities needed to help prevent and/or reduce a terrorist attack at their post. It  gives them an overview of certain situation profiles. The session also shows the security officer what to do if they discover a suspected terrorism situation and more. 

Traffic Control

The Traffic Control training video explains and demonstrates hand signal techniques to smoothly move and manage traffic. It emphasizes safety concerns for pedestrians, vehicles and the security officer.

Uniform and Equipment

It is a well known fact that first impressions are lasting impressions. Having sloppy looking security officers, no matter how smart they may be, will always have a negative effect on your business. This training video will motivate security officers to wear their uniform correctly and will decrease equipment damage and losses.

Security Officer Conduct

This security officer training video gives an overview of the important factors that a security officer will need to know to help be more successful at your clients site.  It reviews a wealth of security officer conduct and public relations topics.

The training was very thorough.

I’ve worked in security for many years, and this was by far the most thorough training and explanation I’ve seen thus far.

Jessica S.

Security Supervisor

Your VOD is a great system for me. I connect my laptop to the classroom screen and show the videos to the class. Then I continue with my lectures.  Great videos!

Lionel M.


Your videos cover all of the required subjects for my state.  Very well done and informative videos.  Our instructors speak highly of them.

Mark C.

Operations Manager

Great videos. Our employees use them daily. 

Darrin W.


This was a spot on good training it definitely gives good details

James R.


The videos are very good.  We are happy with the system that our employees use for new hire and continuing education.

Daniel T.

Human Resources

We have been using your system for some time now and are very happy with it!

Marisol V.


Great system! Love that we can log on anytime and show the videos. 

Mike T.


Happy with your videos. Thank you. 

Vernon B.


Very informative. I learned a lot of procedures and about being a great security officer

Lisa B.

Security Officer

We are very happy with your system.  We use it for monthly ongoing training of our security guards. We have them complete the videos and online exams. Letting our clients know we do this monthly is a great advantage for our marketing of new clients too.

Nick A.


Very informative. I learned a lot of procedures and about being a great security officer

Lisa B.

We use your videos to train our guards and are 100% happy with them. 

John T.