Founder,  Bob Arscott


SGM creates and distributes Security Officer Training Videos, Manuals and Instructor Programs.  Founder Bob Arscott has been giving SGM seminars since 1992 and has taught over 500 security guard company executives throughout the U.S. with 100% satisfaction. Now he makes his training programs available on DVD and online to companies directly.

Bob has had two successful careers. He was the President of Sting Security, Inc. for over 18 years until he sold it. He is also a retired Detective Lieutenant with the Washington, DC Police Department. Like many others in the Contract Guard business he opened his business on a shoe string budget in 1977. In the years that followed he built the company into a multi-million dollar business with secuirty guard contracts of all sizes in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

During his tenure, he created several innovative security concepts. His most ingenious was developed in the mid 1980′s and it was called Patrol Command Systems (PCS). PCS is a national hardware and software system that was originally developed out of frustration with Sting Security, Inc. Bob felt they needed more control. Within a few years it was so successful, it took on a life of its own and became a national business. PCS also has countless other ingenious management tools built in. It has complete scheduling and payroll modules. PCS was the first Security Guard monitoring system to use bar code technology to monitor patrols in real time. The system allows guards to scan their various check stations as they patrol. Guards would then send that data to their headquarters over a standard telephone line. If the guard fails to check his assigned stations, it would alert the dispatcher and appropriate action would be taken. In other words it monitors by exception. Today there are contract guard companies through out the United States and foreign countries using Patrol Command Systems.

Then there was Bob’s police career. During Bob’s 20 + years on the Washington, DC Police Department as a Detective Lieutenant, he received numerous commendations and awards from Presidents of the United States, Senators, Congressmen, Chiefs of Police, businessmen and citizens. His most notable achievement was in the early 1970′s when he created and directed the now famous police “Operation Sting.” This was the first Police Sting operation ever.

It was an undercover operation where he and his men posed as members of organized crime and ran a fencing operation to buy stolen property from career criminals. After 2 years of undercover work, and directing three Sting Operations, they closed by throwing a party and inviting all the “thieves” to this party to “meet the Don.” But instead, they were all arrested. The final count: 565 career criminals arrested, over 5 ½ million dollars in stolen property recovered, and over 18,000 criminal cases were closed, from homicides, rapes and holdups to petty larceny. But the best part was — they had a 100% conviction rate.  Bob was then assigned to the Justice Department where he set up 30 more Sting Operations around the United States and Canada. Three novels about the Sting escapades were written. The most famous is the “Washington Sting” by Chuck Conconi and Toni House. Even as late as 1999, the media is still showing the concept, in a documentary showing on TLC (The Learning Channel) titled, “Behind the Badge.” So now you know who coined the phrase “Police Sting Operations.” Today Sting operations have become the norm in law enforcement.