What Customers are Saying: 

We are very satisfied with the products and great customer service.

Job Louima

Bravo Security Patrol, Boynton Beach, FL

Great information!

John Luna

ISS Private Safety, Phoenix AZ

These products help to form and train officers with the company.  

Ralph Stowe

First Choice Security and Investigations, Toccoa GA

I use the training videos to train my guards. Have important points and detailed.

Ralph Stowe

Body Armor Security, Los Angeles, CA

Very thorough.

Gloria Lawrence

AGS Private Security, Brentwood, CA

Exciting quality, fast shipping easy to understand great learning tools.

Chief Earl Seegars

Law Enforcement and Security Private Training Academy, Norcross, GA

I purchased training and bid products and it was great in getting my offices additional training for their assignments.

Marcia Walkes

BACM Solution Service, Miami, FL

Content is valuable.

Pierre De Hail

Risk Assistance Group, Collegeville, TX

Products are very helpful and professional.

James Allen

Tactika Training and Security Service, Newport News, VA

Videos are well done and very useful as an add-on to live instructor training.

Don Reddy

Arrow Security Inc., Glendale, AZ

The ongoing safety video was great; certainly easy to follow step by step. Great information.

Central Security Services LLC, Hampton, VA

The training videos are by far the best I’ve seen in the industry

Bob Welch

PME, Indianapolis, IN

Good solid content

Carmen Randall

G4 S Secure Solutions USA Inc,. Juniper, FL

Good audiovisual video, instructive and educated program.

Donald Granados

Leaders Security School, Coral Gables, FL

All the training videos we purchased were outstanding and very helpful to the students.

Ardrick Elmore

Prestigious Investigative Services, Upland, CA

Central Montana Protection Services, LLC cannot say enough for their great training videos. I have been through many training videos in my early days learning security through other companies and I can tell you first hand the SGM training videos are step above the rest. The videos are just so informative. I would personally like to thank SGM for all their help since day 1 and proud to let people know about their great tools to help your company grow.

Robert Long

Central Montana Protection Services

I love the product and the content!

Steve Townsend

Security Innovations, Syracuse, NY

Excellent Training Videos.

Jean Sanon

Denson Protective Services Miami FL

I like the progress in the way they put together. It makes it easy to train my officers.

Thomas McKinley

Guardian Protection Agency, LLC Culloden GA

I used the DVDs for training security officers how to be effective offices when on-the-job.

Donnie Sloan

Sloan’s Security Service, Gainesville FL

I found the SGM products to be very qualitative for addressing my training needs.


Marquis & Associates, Marquis, NY

Very helpful for my training courses.

Rolando Bardina

Olympus Security Service, Hialeah, FL

I have the full series minus the latest additions.

Corey Clough

Rene’s Security and Investigation Services, Orlando, FL

The training program is a great item to have and contains the right amount of training to get the basic for security personnel in starting in the field. It can be used for continual training as well.

Safeway Security Academy, Harpersville, AL

Very helpful training materials.

Victor Ahaiwe

Ideal Security Inc., Dayton’s Beach, FL

Excellent products.

Reynaldo Ponce

Fortress National Security and Protection, Hialeah, FL

The Post Orientation, Public Relations and Crisis Response videos were extremely helpful.


Marshall Security Training Academy And Range, Compton, CA

Very educational

Dennis Ramnarine

D Ram Security, Miami Gardens, FL

Very good.

Samuel Fiakpui

SG Protection, Accra, GHANA

It is very helpful for my training because it is useful to summarize the lesson after the training when I play it at the end of the classes.

Haolat Kafidipe (Director/Owner)

TIL Security Training Program, Brooklyn, NY