Security Proposal Bid Template



36 templates that you can modify to fit your company’s profile.

You want a potential client to know all about your company to win them over. To do this, most companies fill their proposal with all their wonderful qualities. Some companies use those business folders with the pockets inside. They stuff them with assorted preprinted sheets of information about their company. Believe me this jumps right out to the viewer that this is a proposal that was just thrown together with not much forethought. On the flip side there are companies that spend hours putting together a proposal and when the next big contract opportunity presents itself, they have to start all over. The fact is, most people will only read what interests them. If they have to wade through reams of text searching for answers they usually give up.

So, how do you present a proposal that will show all the astounding qualities of your company, give the viewer easy options and present a professional Contract Guard proposal? By using the SGM Proposal Template. The SGM proposal has over 50 pages that are so simplified that the reader is able to quickly proceed to any topic they want without searching through reams of paper. The SGM Proposal template has a clear table of contents, areas for your company graphics, and can be personalized over and over. It is very easy to edit and convert to your company’s profile. You can present your proposals in loop, spring, or three ring binders.

Proposal Template Index

  • Scope of Service
  • Cost of Service
  • Introduction
  • Organizational structure
  • Client profile
  • Management qualifications
  • Quality management system
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (Policy)
  • Immigration law compliance (Policy)
  • Smoke-free workplace (Policy)
  • Drug and alcohol use (Policy)
  • Drug testing (Policy)
  • Statistics and achievements
  • Personnel selection
  • Job qualifications
  • Training
  • Employee benefits
  • Uniform patrol division
  • Supervision
  • Uniforms
  • Verification systems
  • Check stations
  • Advantage for [Clients Name]
  • Patrol cars
  • Operating company or client vehicles and equipment (Policy)
  • Report forms
  • Central station
  • Insurance
  • Client relations
  • Contract milestone schedule
  • Post evaluation
  • Client information
  • We are a full-service company
  • Comparison questionnaire
  • We’re in it together
  • Biographies