COMPLETE Program for Instructors to use for Security Officer Training

Over 60 Hours Of Training!

Instructor manuals, DVDS, Exams and Answer keys! The Security Officer Training Program exceeds training requirements in most States and Cities in the United States. Why tie up your staff for months composing a training compliance program, when SGM has already done 95% of the work for you?  Program packages are instructor ready! Indicators also show the instructor when to show the coordinating included Power Point slides for class visuals and participation. Our training programs are general by design.  Add your state and city specific requirements for a superior program that sets you apart from the competition!  The complete training program contains over 25 subject chapters.

There are over 35 DVD training subjects. The collection is designed to enhance your training sessions. Our videos will not only help train your security officers, but there are sessions for training supervisors as well. We have decades of success in the security officer industry, so we know what knowledge is needed in the day-to-day business of a security officer company.  Each video session comes with a 10 question test and answer key.

Available Formats:

A. Complete Package: Instructor Manuals & All SGM DVDs




B. All SGM DVDs Only




C. Instructor Manual Only