New! Crowd Control & Special Events

Format: DVD
Item #DV230
Duration: 35 Minutes
Exams and Answer Keys: Included

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New! Crowd Control & Events Training Program 

Suggested Class Duration: 1-1.5 Hours
Program Includes:
Instructors Guidebook
PowerPoint Presentation
PDF of PowerPoint for Student Handouts
DVD: Crowd Control
Exam and Answer Key
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Product Description

New!  Crowd Control and Special Events.  This informative video covers a wide variety of topics that a Security Officer should become familiar with when assigned to work a crowd or special event, or if confronted with a riot situation.  Some of the topics covered in this video include:

  • Types of Crowds
  • Characteristics of Crowds
  • The flow of crowd traffic
  • Crowd Control Techniques
  • Types of Barriers
  • Security Officer behavior in crowd situations
  • Riot preparation
  • Using Crowd Traffic Control Devices
  • Equipment for events and Traffic Control
  • Overview of event checklist and Operation Plan
  • Communication among Officers and Supervisors
  • Role overview of event Security Officer and Supervisors
  • Video quiz questions

These techniques will help increase your officers’ professional actions and image during special events and crowd control situations. The video also includes a 10 question test and answer key.

The available training program is instructor ready.  It walks the instructor through the course, advising them when to show the included PowerPoint slide presentations, the DVDs and when to administer the included exams.  This is an informative training program to help educate your employees, supervisors and managers.