Security Bid – FULL PACKAGE

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The Contract Program has all the tools to help you win large and small contracts that require detailed information.

The Contract Program contains:

  1. The Negotiating a Contract Program guide which will show you how to negotiate a  cost effective security guard contract. It will guide you through pricing concepts, effective negotiations; work out reasonable and competitive billing rates within its 60 topics.
  2. The SGM Security Contract template that has been successful in winning hundreds of new contracts. You can quickly edit and convert the document to your specific company needs.
  3. The SGM Proposal template. This template has over 50 pages with information about a security company.  You can quickly convert the proposal document for your company, to be used over and over.
  4. The SGM Procedure Manual template which covers security company procedures needed to run a successful business. You can quickly convert the proposal to fit your company profile.
  5. The SGM Policy Manual template which contains policies used in the security guard industry. With this template you can modify or elaborate on it, and quickly convert to your company profile.