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CD Templates

Not only were we in the contract guard business for over 20 years, we were one of the most successful guard services in the United States so we know what is needed to successfully manage and be profitable in the guard service industry. All of the Security Guard Management manuals are written in template style so that all you have to do is replace our name with your name and you have a finished document, second to none.

All SGM CD products work with one of the Microsoft Office Suite of products such as Microsoft Word and  Excel .


Manuals, Templates and Software

Procedure Manual Template$75 (CD), $70 (Download)

Procedure manuals, unlike policy manuals, give the specific duties and requirements for various management procedures. It contains hundreds of pages of operational regulations and procedures second to none that can be easily converted into a manual specific to your company.


Policy Manual Template$45 (CD), $40 (Download)

Policy manuals, unlike procedure manuals, set the course of action to be taken regarding day-to-day business. The SGM Policy Manual CD can be easily converted into your company’s policy manual in a few minutes. You can then modify it so that it fits your company profile.


Pocket Manual Template$70 (CD), $60 (Download)

The SGM Pocket Manual CD has 48 pages jam-packed with information. The manual is designed to fit in a security officer’s uniform shirt pocket. Let SGM Print Your Security Officer Pocket Manuals!


Unemployment Manual Template$20 (CD), $15 (Download)

The SGM Unemployment Manual is designed to provide general information on unemployment procedures. It explains how to reduce your unemployment expenses, defines the various terminology used regarding unemployment issues, how to set up your employment application to assist you in combating frivolous claims, setting up conditions of employment, setting up a strong documentation program, and much more.


Security Forms Template$35 (CD), $30 (Download)

There are 18 security forms on the SGM Security Forms CD that you can easily convert over to fit your company’s needs.


Security Proposal Template$50 (CD), $45 (Download)

By using the SGM Proposal Template CD, you will be able to present a proposal that will show all the astounding qualities of your company, give the viewer easy options and present a professional Contract Guard proposal.


Security Contract Template$25 (CD), $20 (Download)

The SGM Security Contract template is designed to protect your company. The contract is a two-page contractual document that is used hundreds of times throughout the United States. Once you modify it to fit your company profile and have your legal counsel review it, you will have a contract that will be second to none.


Financial Statement Template$15 (CD), $10 (Download)

The SGM Financial Statement represents a typical contract security officer company’s financial/profit and loss statement. It comes on a CD and requires the Microsoft Excel 2000 program to operate. It is designed to make it simple for a company to create a detailed and comprehensive balance sheet and Income statement.


Kits CD TemplateNegotiating a Contract Kit –  $110,      Security Survey Kit – $110

The Negotiating a Contract Kit contains 71 pages concerning contract guard service negotiations and quality service techniques.  The Guide to Developing Security Programs Kit is an excellent referral tool that makes available a complete comprehensive security survey (155 pages) to provide to your clients a professional security survey second to none.


Tactical Solution Scenario Program$105

Tactical Solution Scenario Program complies with most State annual eight-hour requirements. Now you can train your security officers while on the job eliminating the training cost of a classroom environment. These short scenarios can be read and answered in about 20 minutes. Supervisors can issue them to your officers when checking posts.


Visitor Log Program$75

The Visitor Log Program is designed to be used at locations wherever people or vehicles require documentation when entering and exiting.