Not only were we in the contract guard business for over 20 years, we were one of the most successful security guard services in the United States.  We know what is needed to successfully manage and be profitable in the guard service industry. These professional CD templates are availabe in CD or Download formats.


New Employee & Clasroom Forms

A customer requested package! This download package contains necessary and introductory pdf forms for new employees and classroom attendees.  All in one convenient file so you can easily reference back anytime a form is needed.  The forms are all in a pdf format so that you can easily print and customize/personalize each as needed.  This kit is full of helpful pdf forms to help your business run more efficiently.

Download Price: $25, (CD915) 

Crisis Response Template

The Crisis Response Guide CD template is designed to teach your security officers what to expect in various crisis situations. It demonstrates what they should and should not do. It helps show Security Officers how to assist people in harms way without further jeopardizing their own safety.

CD Price: $50, (CD940) – free shipping!
Download Price: $45, (CD941) 


Evaluation Report Form Template





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Download: $20, (CD912) 


The Evaluation report form contains the template for a professional evaluation of your Security Officers and employees. It is used by supervisors and management to assess your security officer’s job performance. Evaluations are an important part of documenting the employment process so that you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of employees.  It helps develop a clear understanding of how to improve and keep well trained team players.

Negotiating a Contract Kit

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CD Price: $100 – free shipping! (KT304) 

Download Price: $95, (KT302) 

The Negotiating a Contract Kit contains 71 pages that focus on security guard contract guard negotiations and quality service techniques.

Pocket Manual Template

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CD Price: $70 – free shipping! (CD303) 

Download Price: $60, (CD903) 

The SGM Pocket Manual CD has 48 pages jam-packed with information. The manual is designed to be printed so that it fits in a security officer’s uniform shirt pocket. Imagine all of your policies and security procedures tucked into each employees pocket on the job!

Procedure Manual Template

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CD Price: $75 – free shipping! (CD301) 

Download Price: $70, (CD901) 

Procedure manuals (unlike policy manuals) give the specific duties and requirements for various management procedures. It contains hundreds of pages of operational regulations and procedures that can be easily converted into a manual specific to your company.

Policy Manual Template

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CD Price: $45 – free shipping! (CD302) 

Download Price: $40, (CD902) 

Policy manuals (unlike procedure manuals) set the course of action to be taken regarding day-to-day business. The SGM Policy Manual can be easily modified and converted into your company’s personalized policy manual. There are 55 Policy subjects included in this CD/Download.

Security Forms Template

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CD Price: $35 – free shipping! (CD302) 

Download Price: $30, (CD902) 

There are 27 forms available on the SGM Security Forms CD.  You can easily convert these forms in Word to fit your company needs.  Click Learn More above to see the complete list of forms.

Security Service Bid Proposal Template

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CD Price: $50 – free shipping! (CD305) 

Download Price: $45, (CD905) 

By using the SGM Security Service Bid Proposal Template CD, you will be able to present a proposal that will show all the astounding qualities of your company, give the viewer easy options and present a professional Contract Guard proposal.

Security Contract Template

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CD Price: $25 – free shipping! (CD306) 

Download Price: $20, (CD906) 

The SGM Security Contract template is designed to help protect your company. This contract document has been used hundreds of times throughout the United States. Once you modify it to fit your company profile and have your legal counsel review it, you will have a contract that will be second to none.


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CD Price: $249 – free shipping! (PR115) 

Save over 15%!

A potential client will want to know more about your company besides personality and a good sales pitch.  This is especially true when you are competing with other companies.  With most large contracts up for bid, the contracting company will require certain documents before they consider a bid.

The standard documentation typically required is your company procedure manual, policy manual and training requirements. You don’t have to spend weeks writing these documents or hire expensive consultants to create them.  SGM provides these tried and tested tools and more.

Package includes these CDs:

  • Negotiating a Contract CD
  • Proposal Template CD
  • Contract Template CD
  • Policy Manual CD
  • Procedure Manual CD

Security Survey Kit 

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CD Price: $100 – free shipping! (KT307) 

Download Price: $95, (KT308) 

The Guide to Developing Security Programs Kit is an excellent referral tool that makes available a complete comprehensive security survey (155 pages) to provide to your clients a professional security survey second to none. 

Unemployment Manual Template

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CD Price: $20 – free shipping! (CD311) 

Download Price: $15, (CD911) 

The SGM Unemployment Manual is designed to provide general information on unemployment procedures. It explains how to reduce your unemployment expenses, defines the various terminology used regarding unemployment issues, how to set up your employment application to assist you in combating frivolous claims, setting up conditions of employment, setting up a strong documentation program, and much more.


Price: $495 (BD312) – Save Over 15%!

Free Shipping! 

The CD bundle includes the following:

  • Security Service Contract
  • Crisis Response Template
  • Security Forms Template
  • Security Officer Pocket Manual Template
  • Security Company Procedure Manual Template
  • Security Company Proposal Template
  • Evaluation Module
  • Security Company Policy Manual Template
  • Unemployment Manual Template
  • Negotiating a Contract Template
  • Security Survey Template




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