As you likely know, referrals are your best source for new business. If you’re like most security guard companies, you contract with clients that are also being provided a service by other companies that do not compete directly with you. For example, elevator companies landscape companies, painting contractors, building maintenance contractors to name just a few.

Like you, they all have clients that are very close with them. And in many cases they know them on a first name basis and can personally introduce you. Of course, you will have to reciprocate.

Using that advantage set up an invitation-only vendor network. The rules are simple.  All must agree to share and promote some of each others’ customers with the other network members. If any of the network members fail to provide potential customers, they are eliminated from the network and replaced.  Try to keep it small.  A network with five or six noncompeting companies works great. Too many companies makes it unmanageable.

You may only get one or two new clients, but that’s one or two more clients than you had before!