Security Officers Field Training Manual

The Security Officer’s Field Training Manual is a 150 page Guide which covers the majority of situations security officers face every day. Employment considerations, interview techniques, access control, foot patrol & vehicle patrol techniques, crime scene containment, report writing, use of force & weaponry, field contacts, security / law enforcement partnership, effective communications, accountability, arrest and control techniques and the future of the private security industry are some of the topics in the training guide. This is an ideal home study/classroom tool. As a bonus, you will receive a with a 40 question test and answer key on Hard Copy

Author: Phillip Satterfield, MPA


The Security Supervisors Field Training Guide


The Security Supervisor’s Field Training Manual has 12 chapters which covers the majority of contingents a security officer is confronted with in every day. Some examples are; relationships, supervisor styles, expectations of a supervisor, duties and responsibilities, subordinate counseling, evaluating subordinate performance, goals and objectives, subordinate discipline, performance improvement program, leadership qualities, liability issues and workplace violence. The guide comes with a supervisor test on a Hard Copy with a 40 question test.
Author: Phillip Satterfield, MPA