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Uniform & Equipment Video, Second Edition

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Video Duration: 30 Minutes

Product Description

The Uniform & Equipment Second Edition is completely new and more comprehensive than version one.  It is a well known fact that first impressions are lasting impressions. Having sloppy looking security officers, no matter how smart they may be, will always have a negative effect on your business. How to take care of the uniform and use company equipment is not only important but can be costly if neglected. This training tape will motivate security officers to wear their uniform correctly and will decrease equipment damage and losses.


  • Purpose of the uniform
  • Making a good appearance
  • How to make a lasting impression
  • Taking care of the uniform
  • Summer and Winter Dress
  • Hat, badge and cap plate requirements
  • Proper fit of the uniform
  • Proper use of a company radio
  • Weapons
  • Key control
  • Nightstick familiarity
  • And more …


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