Traffic Control Training Video

Format: DVD
Item #DV291
Duration: 24 Minutes
Exams and Answer Keys: Included

Also Available:

Traffic Control Training Program

Suggested Class Duration: 1.5 – 2 Hours
Instructors Guidebook
PowerPoint Presentation
PDF of PowerPoint for Student Handouts
DVD: Traffic Control
Exam and Answer Key


The Traffic Control training DVD video explains and demonstrates hand signal techniques to smoothly move and manage traffic. It emphasizes safety concerns for pedestrians, vehicles and the security officer. DVD includes 10 question exam and answer key.

The training program is instructor ready.  It walks the instructor through the course, advising them when to show the included PowerPoint slide presentations, the DVDs and when to administer the included exams.

Some of the topics covered in this DVD:

• Traffic control objectives
• Proper hand signals
• Traffic wands
• Maintaining high visibility
• Safety techniques
• Pedestrian control
• Parking management
• Controlling 4 way intersections
• Controlling 3 way intersections
• Traffic whistle signals
• And more!