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Self Defense 1 & 2

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Product Description

In part 1 of this training session the instructor and his assistant demonstrate several basic self defense and restraining techniques. The security officer will also learn the various methods of prisoner control. Throughout the training session, officer safety is stressed as well as how to use a minimum amount of force when restraining a prisoner which in turn will cause little or no injury to the prisoner.

Part 2 demonstrates the use of non-lethal weapons such as the expandable baton, standard baton the Tonfa-baton and handcuffs. These techniques will also help ensure the security officer’s safety and will reduce injury to the prisoner.

Throughout the videos the instructor continually emphasizes that all these techniques and procedures are never to be used aggressively or offensively against anyone. They are only to be used as a last resort and only in a defensive manner after all verbal and less non-combative procedures have been exhausted.


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