Security Contract Template


21 contract articles that you can modify to fit your company’s profile.The SGM Security Contract Template is designed to help protect your security company. The contract has been used hundreds of times throughout the United States. Once you modify it to fit your company profile and have your legal counsel review it, you will have a contract that will be second to none. The following is a sample of just a few excerpts from 3 of the 21 articles that are designed to protect your company.

  • The Customer may not alter the hours agreed upon herein during the life of this contract without written notification signed by both parties.
  • Upon non-payment of any sum due the Agency hereunder, the Agency has the right to suspend any or all services without notice to the Customer. It is further agreed that if payment is not made as herein described, the Agency may add a five percent (5%) charge to that amount of any unpaid invoice and that the Customer shall be liable to the Agency for all reasonable attorney fees the agency incurs to effect collection of any invoices unpaid in whole or in part.
  • Customer agrees that it will not employ, directly or indirectly, any person who has been employed by the Agency at the site described in Article 1 above. In the event of breach by the Customer of this provision of the Contract, it shall pay to the Agency the sum of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) as liquidated damages.