Report Writing 1 & 2 (2nd Edition)

Observation & Report Writing 

Format: DVD
Item #DV212
Duration: 33 Minutes
Exams and Answer Keys: Included

Also Available:

Report Writing Training Program

Suggested Class Duration: 3 Hours
Instructors Guidebook
PowerPoint Presentation
PDF of PowerPoint for Student Handouts
DVD: Interviewing Victims And Witnesses
DVD: Report Writing 1 & 2
Exam and Answer Key


Also Available in Spanish:
Format: DVD (1st Edition)
Item #SV704

Report writing is an essential responsibility for all security officers. It is also the most difficult. To ease this difficulty, SGM offers this easy-to-understand DVD program. This training session not only explains the purpose of report writing but it also has visual that the narrator highlights as he teaches your officer. DVD comes with 10 questoin exam and answer key.

The instructor training program is instructor ready.  It walks the instructor through the course, advising them when to show the included PowerPoint slide presentations, the DVDs and when to administer the included exams.

Some of the topics covered in this DVD: 

    • The purpose of report writing
    • Accountability in reports
    • Daily log, incident reports, and more
    • Making a report narration
    • The who, what, where, when and why of report writing
    • Understanding military time
    • Keeping reports clear, concise and complete
    • Setting up and using a notebook
    • Making copies of reports
    • Reports and litigation
    • Reports reduce liability
    • Reporting malfunctions on posts
    • Reporting defective company equipment
    • Reading reports
    • The chain of custody