How to Manage a Security Officer Company

5.5 hour Seminar

This nationally acclaimed seminar has been attended by more than 500 hundred satisfied owners and executives throughout the United States. It is not just a one-time seminar. Use it to train new executives. It is power-packed with over 5 ½ hours of proven successful procedures and techniques. It will pay for itself ten times over within just a few months after implementing the procedures and techniques. The seminar comes with an 89-page workbook that coincides with the seminar as it progresses. The seminar will give you 37 money making/savings ideas, 11 sales techniques, 45 management techniques, 16 liability buffers, 14 equipment control procedures and more.

Check out all of these benefits from this seminar!

  • Reduce payroll and at the same time increase your security officers take home pay
  • Reduce worker’s compensation rates
  • Reduce turnover
  • Increase profits
  • Reduce liability insurance rates
  • Reduce liability exposure
  • Increase sales
  • Improve management techniques
  • Increase productivity
  • And much more …

Topics covered:
• Attendance Control
• Blood-Borne Pathogen Training
• Certified Security Officer Program
• Control Annual Leave
• Criminal Background Checks
• Document Retention Table
• Drug And Alcohol Tests
• Drug Screening
• Employee Loans
• Employment Application
• Escort Procedures
• Family Leave
• Finds No-Shows/Late/Calls
• ID Numbers And ID Cards
• Instill Loyalty
• Job Performance Monitoring
• Key Control when you see me eternal
• Licenses
• Managing By ZIP Code
• Meeting With Clients And Their Tenants
• Monthly Cost Reviews
• Newsletter – In-House/Client
• Notetaking
• Overtime Control
• Payroll Procedures
• Payroll Training Rates
• Personnel Jackets
• Personnel Jackets
• Policy Manual
• Polygraph
• Post Instructions
• Post Orientation
• Prevent Open Shifts
• Probation Periods
• Procedure Manual
• Recordings Telephone/Radio
• Recruiting
• Schedules Standard/Daily
• Secondary Income
• Security Alert
• Security Alert Reports
• Security Officer Recognition
• Sexual Harassment
• Sick Leave
• Specific Instructions
• Supervisor Control Kits
• Supervisor Reports
• Tax-Free Transportation
• Telephone Adequate
• Telephone Stickers
• Termination Procedures
• Training Keys
• Training Techniques
• Unemployment Compensation Contesting Techniques
• Uniform Maintenance
• Vehicle Care
• Watch Commander Reports
• Worker’s Compensation Contesting Techniques

Note: This seminar is offered as on online format, but is not included with the VOD subscription.  The seminar is a separate purchase.


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