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Homeland Security Program

DVD Price: $265 Order  (DVD: PR282)

9-11 clearly demonstrated the threat to and importance of security in our Nation. Your organization and security officers are now an intricate andimportant part of the homeland security efforts. All citizens have been asked to keep their eyes open for suspicious persons and situations. The security officer’s eyes must be like binoculars and be more vigilant. This training Program uses the Terrorist Patrol  and the Crisis Response  video’s to give the officer a visual overview of what terrorism is and what to do. The instructor can then follow up using the Homeland Security instructor’s manual to place more emphasis on the subjects. The Program also includes the Crisis Response Template CD to use to set up an response and evacuation plan for your clients.

  • Protecting the crime scene
  • Documentation of evidence
  • Recording the scene
  • Preventing crime scene
  • Corruption
  • Identifying evidence
  • Preserving evidence
  • Controlling access
  • Assisting the Police
  • And more…