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Firearms Safety

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Hard Copy DVD: $60 Order  (DVD: DV240)
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Product Description

DVD with 10 Question test and answer key.  This firearm safety training session stresses the importance firearm safety. The session includes caring for hand held weapons, firing on a range, what a security officer’s responsibility is to the public and themselves, as well as teaching commonly accepted principles of handgun safety. This training session can be used as an adjunct to any state-certified firearms program.

  • Understanding handgun mechanics
  • Cartridge safety
  • Sight alignment
  • Loading and unloading
  • Firearm safety rules
  • Muzzle control
  • Dry firing
  • Eye and Ear safety
  • Range rules and etiquette
  • Action differentials between revolvers and semi-automatics
  • Cleaning weapons
  • Gun locks, lock boxes, and safes
  • And more …

Video Preview

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