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Court Procedures

Available in:

Hard Copy DVD: $60 Order  (DVD: DV251)
Video on Demand Online – pay a flat rate for access

Product Description

Video Duration: 32 Minutes. DVD with 10 Question test and answer key. This training video explains how the court system works in an easy to understand verbal and visual format. Shows how a security officer should conduct themselves in court. It demonstrates the correct way to testify and make a professional and positive impression to the judge and jury.

The Court Procedures training video covers the following subjects and more:

• The laws that govern courtroom procedures
• The various court levels (State & Federal)
• How to respond to questions
• Projecting a good impression when testifying
• Exposes defense attorney tactics
• Court make up and staff
• Do’s and Don’ts while in court
• Correct demeanor while in court
• Grand jury procedures
• Subpoenas
• Purpose of litigations
• Basic courtroom rules
• Pre-trial procedures
• And more…

Video Preview

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