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Introduction to Security, 2nd Edition

Available in:

  • Hard Copy DVD: $60   order  (DVD: DV205
  • Hard Copy DVD in Spanish: $65  order  (DVD: SV704)
  • Video on Demand Online – pay a flat rate for access

Product Description
Video Duration: 21 minutes
DVD with 10 Question test and answer key
This Introduction to Security Second Edition is completely new and more comprehensive than version one.  This training module was produced to instill motivation and dedication for applicants and security officers. It highlights and explains the rationale of most issues that confront guard services every day. Its main objective is to decrease turnover and create a mind set that will produce a better employee. The tape gets to the point and is enhanced with video action of the subject being discussed.

The following is a partial list of the topics covered:

  • Why security officers are necessary
  • How security officers fit into the company profile
  • How to act as a deterrent
  • What a security officer’s purpose is
  • What a customers assets are and why it is necessary to protect them
  • How to reduce liability for their company
  • The various security functions they may be assigned to such as foot patrol, mobile
    patrol, desk duties, gate control, etc.
  • The difference between in-house security and contract guard company service
  • Legal authority limits
  • Difference between felonies and misdemeanors
  • How to maintain a good attitude
  • Why courtesy and honesty must be maintained at all times
  • The observe and report requirements
  • Time and attendance
  • Many do’s and don’ts the officer will need to know while on duty
  • And much more …